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Wahat Al Quds

Wahat Al Quds was founded in 1985 in with small pharmacy in Dammam eastern province of Saudi arabia and and slowly became chain of pharmacy In 2001 it started its own distributor ship in medical supply and cosmetic. Wahat Al quds is a specialist in providing natural health care to people of Arabia by bring different natural health food supplement from USA and herbal cosmetic from Dabao herbal chine's product. It has distributorship for Asa dental of Italy exclusively for Saudi Arabia and Have different diagnostic product like cardio check for lipid profile Our org is growing with times with strong vision and innovative idea we have goal to give best Medicare in middle east .

Philosophy The central concern and typical feature of all our product is to provide health care support to people and easy accesses to their need We also take care that they get satisfaction for what they pay and all our product are keeping in mind their sensitivity of culture and religion . specific needs of every client and are under constant development. Wahat al quds focus point is its clients. and believes in an environment friendly business strategy and hopes to illustrate this through its operations